The USAID Southern Africa Trade and Investment Hub boosts trade and investment with and within Southern Africa.

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The USAID Southern Africa Trade and Investment Hub (USAID TradeHub) has assisted Limpho Produtos Alimentares, a small family business in Mozambique producing the Xikhaba peanut butter brand, to find a potential market in South Africa. Although it is a small operation, the company has been actively participating in USAID TradeHub-sponsored webinars, eager to find ways to market its new cashew nut butter line of products to South African buyers. Following a USAID TradeHub webinar with South African distributor 5Minutes2Town (5M2T), Limpho has begun exploring ways to supply the country’s informal spaza shop market with its cashew nut butter—a niche product that will allow the company to compete in an otherwise crowded market for peanut butter. The USAID TradeHub has been facilitating ongoing discussions between 5M2T and Limpho, which will be sending samples of its product to the distributor to test among consumers in Tembisa, a township located between Johannesburg and Pretoria. The area is home to a large Mozambican community. Facilitating exports of southern African products to South Africa is a key objective of the USAID TradeHub, which works with suppliers throughout the region to help them identify buyers and overcome barriers to market entry.


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